On top of the world!

After a difficult start- 3 cancellations, my 4th date was on Thursday. I called in on Wednesday…can you call back, they said. So I did…still no bed…Can you come in starved tomorrow morning? So I did.

But what a fantastic outcome! I had embolisation on Thursday. To be told that night in ICU, that they had found a small aneurysm in the AVM - but that it had gone! One onyx embolisation followed by another angiogram while I was still in theatre shows that it has gone!

I was told there was no need for the craniotomy and was able to go home yesterday (Friday)!!!

I have to keep taking my Keppra until I see my consultant in September. 2 weeks off work. No other restrictions (other than lifting) & I’ll have another angio in 6 months…If no new feeders have grown, I’ll be cured!

Feeling amazing and send positive thoughts and good luck to all the others out there

Jane x

Yay for you, Chopsiegirl! Thank you for posting this great news!

Fantastic news, Chopsiegirl! Please keep us in the loop! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Chopsiegirl!

All right then, Chopsie. :) So glad this is behind you now. Excellent news.

Congratulations on finally getting a start on taking care of your AVM. Good luck on the next steps.


Excellent news perhaps reasons for those delays …mine was similar disapeared by itself these things do happen rare but neverless always a chance.
Take Care

Super news!

Terrific news! Congratulations to you!

That is amazing News!!!! So lovely to read uplifting news on this website! You must be feeling on top of the world. Thanks for sharing with us all xxx

Hi Jane, Now initially I was VERY happy to see this port, and wrote a nice big reply, but somehow its gone missing :( , So I guess this one will be shorter lol :) , I just want to say Well Done !!!! and I'm very happy for you :) , I too received the all clear on Friday after my "last" angiogram :) , Its like a weight lifter from my mind and I guess yours also :) . Congratulations :)