On the Importance of Quiet

(There is a question at the end I would like your opinion on - all of you)



Can you hear it? Uh, no?

That’s the point!


It refreshes the soul

It helps you notice different things.

I went for a walk

And saw three deer standing in the road.

I stopped and watched them.

They stopped and watched me.

Would I have seen them in the car?

Nope - because scared by the noise, the second and third deer wouldn’t have came out on the road.

Looking down the road to see this guy walking and being quiet.

I slowly walked closer but was still a ways down the road.

“That’s close enough” and off they ran into the woods.

I turned and resumed my walk.

Taking notice of the quiet.

Sitting by the lake as the sun sets

the boats are all in for the day

And then you hear it.

Quiet conversation around a campfire - but where?

Oh look - it’s from across the lake.

In the quiet of the evening,

important sounds no longer get drowned out

by sounds that don’t matter

By sounds that don’t matter.

Laughter is no longer covered up by the sound of noisy boats.

The need for TV noise is replaced by the desire for outdoor quiet.

Quiet - it’s something we all need.

Quiet - it’s something we rarely get.

I’ve come to appreciate quiet a lot more since January 30, 2018. That’s the day I lost most of my quiet.

Tinnitus is what they call it.

Constant sound in my head - that’s what I call it

sometimes loud and obnoxious, sometimes softer and just annoying.

When my damaged ears have to compete with the noise in my head,

there really is no winner.

So what do you do?

I’m still working on that one.

But you value the quiet you have

Even when there is sound trying to get away.





Question - do I post this on my personal site (http://tomvanderwell.net) or do I keep it here?


I think you post it. I think its beautiful to reflect the quiet in this busy world where people never put down their devices and appreciate nature


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Amen to the quiet. I love the quiet … most of the time. It’s noise that bugs me. Loud noises throw everything out of order for me. The quiet makes me reflective. It soothes me. Its mine to totally enjoy alone. Now that may be selfish, but oh so necessary for my peace of mind.

Sharon D…


I think the other thing to celebrate, and remind ourselves to celebrate, is the beauty of the world that we somehow don’t see when we dash everywhere in the car.

Through late 2016 and early 2017 I was not allowed to drive because of my AVM and as a consequence, I found myself walking to the bus stop and catching a bus to work rather than driving. That slower pace does allow you to see things you otherwise whizz past and appreciate them much more so, just like seeing the deer. There are good things to be had out of this experience.

Regards the tinnitus, I’m sure mine isn’t anything like yours but somehow mine is not encroaching upon me at the moment, so I’m going to carry on ignoring it the best I can. If I think about it, it is definitely still there, and noisy enough thanks, but while I ignore it it is currently not disturbing me.

P.S. were you rather overdoing it yesterday? Your spelling went much more off than usual. Take it easy bro. It looks like you’re trying to fit too much in.

Lots of love,



Thank you for calling me out about being too busy. You nailed it.

This was a week where, between family needs and a 4 hr neuro- psych testing, I have been too busy. But I could do it

Looks like I need a better spell check app.

I hope to manage this week much better.

Thank you, my friend.



Beautifully well-put. I don’t drive due to my Occipital (and Parietal) AVM, but I get to see things that I would have missed. During my morning walks to the Metro, I’ll usually see deer by the trees, at one point I saw a fox running across the street. Things I probably wouldn’t have seen if I just drove on by.
Meditation also helps me to appreciate the quiet. With that I learn to quiet my mind, and see the world around me in a higher-definition…if that makes sense.