Okay guys need your help spreading the word

Andrew has a site at www.caringbridge.org/visit/andrewbrown it will take you to his page. This is where I need everyones help spreading the word. Andrew loves to get messages on his site. Pass the word for people to leave him a message short or long it doesn’t matter. Make sure to have them leave their name and where they live. That will make it even more fun. My goal is to get him 100,000 messages. I’m also working on some ways for people to donate money to the anuersym/AVM organization in honor of Andrew. He would think that is was cool to get messages from around the world. So if you can help me out that would be great.

Thanks Joe.

I just left Andrew a message.

That’s a great site! I just sent him a note!

Also, here is the link to make donations in honor of Andrew to The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation. I believe you have to copy and paste it into the browser.

Here is a link to create your own fundraising page to donate in honor of Andrew but everything I have read indicates that the pages are created in support of the Awareness Walkers. I can double check with the foundation if you would like? Let me know…I think everyone’s great involvement is awesome!

Here is the link to our team page and also the individual teams created by Shalon,myself, and Nick. Check it out!


If you want to join our fundraising team and create your own team, click on "click here to join this team’ under the tally boxes.

Let me know if I can help any further.

Kim McDermott

So I was talking with Shalon eariler and she was kind of telling me the same things, but like I told her I am computer challenged. So any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks

I just signed his guestbook! Haven’t had a chance to update my website or blog, but will soon!!! I was also thinking…I could totally set up a page for you under our team…if you can set one up without actually being a walker. I’ll see (or maybe Kim will confiirm first) if you can JUST be a fundraiser or if you have to be both. Anyways, it is no big deal for me to set up the page if we can. I’ll check back and see if we can make it work.

I just added a link to the AVM survivors donate page via the link Kim gave me. I figured that was the easiest way and from what I was seeing they can make it in Andrew’s honor. So I think that will work and hopefully help. Good luck tomorrow. Isn’t that when you fly out.

Ok. Ya, they can totally just donate under that page. You don’t specifically need your own subpage! So no problem I think it is good to go!
We are already here! Flew in today, enjoyed the lovely weather (76 degrees!) had my pretreatment check in with my ENT (who confirmed I have allergies and am NOT sick, yay!) had a yummy Thai dinner, and are now back at the condo getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is the fashion show that I’m putting on for the nurses in the ambulatory care unit…and oh ya, treatment too!!! :slight_smile:

How many guest book visits so far?

Gosh! I totally missed this but will do it now!

Sent my message …Andrew best wishes BUDDY