Ok to grieve losses

I have read that is okay to grieve your losses as a result of this happening (or anything else for that matter)....allowing yourself to have feelings about something that is now gone or changed is healthy...so yesterday I went to the eyes, ear, nose and throat Dr. about my sense of taste.....it has been considerably altered and food is more of a 2-D experience now - as of before it was very 3-D! I wanted to ask him about my sense of sweetness because it is now gone and has been sine my stroke....the Dr. told me yesterday that after a year it doesn't look good that it will ever return.....I am sad because I loved sweets-cakes, ice cream, cookies...little debbies! and I feel kind of like the skier with amputated legs....So I am Splendaing everything up...I think I will just keep it in my purse....and I will hope he is wrong.....

Keep putting positive thoughts in…I explain to non-avmers what has happened deserves grieving for it is a loss as to what normal life used to be but then again what is normal. life is different, not better or worse I just look at it as different and it puts a positsive thought in my mind. I tend to think this is still a blessing as along my journey I have been meeting awesome people…again its all how you look at it… My hearing is not right in my left ear and vision but all in all I am grateful each and every day I open my eyes, thank God and put my feet on the floor. REmember medicine is a practice…it is not perfect…keep believing in the good and it will happen…xoxo Mare

Miracles do happen every day or I wouldn’t have been here…according to statitistics…sweet taste buds seem like such a little thing…but its just one of many as everyone may know.

I have the same problem, but my Nuero dude told me it was more of a side effect of the meds I am on. Are you taking any now? I have grieved from my experience with my AVM and everything I have had to endure and has helped me except that I will always be a little different than I was before the discovery. It is natural to do this our lives have been forever changed. Never give up on yourself because that would be the worst thing you could do. Life is not over for us and keep reaching for the stars! I hope your taste and smell return as I wish the same for myself. I too love to taste and smell the wonderful things in the World, but I will adjust if it never becomes the way I remember.

Hi Georgia,
I had a bleed in my cerebellum too, and then 4 1/2 months later surgery to remove the AVM (on April 2) and Im learning to walk again and getting OT & PT. My sister and brother in law are both RNs and helped a ton with all of this, and my other sister is in nursing school now. She was finishing up as I had my AVM and she decided to do her final project on AVMs. As she was researching AVMs she sent me the website below. It was created by a nurse who had an AVM and brain surgery, and she contends that the docs are often wrong and you can regain alot back well years after brain surgery even. This site is short but has already helped me a lot as no one told me how tired i would feel after this! I hope this is helpful, you might need to cut and paste rather than click: