Ok this is weird, but good

April 5th 2011…I quickly awoke from sleep and headed for the bathroom…I passed out… The ambulance was called.and I was in the hospital. I had ANOTHER avm bleed…I was out of it for like two weeks, thinking I was in California at some hotel. After a while I began thinking I was kind of sick. I was really out of reality.

Then one day it just hit me in a instant that I was in the hospital not in California…Anyways I guess the Doctors And Nurses were upset with me Cuz I didnt want to do any therapy or anything…About two weeks at the hospital I came to. I did therapy and was released April 25th 2011.

I went for my angiogram about a month after I was released from the hospital. I was calm just willing to let them do what they needed to do this time…But the Doctor told me that my blood vessels look great!! Theres Nothing they could find!!!
Theres nothing to fix. there nothing wrong to operate on.

I was in shock, A happy shock.

Look, I dont know why it happened twice, I dont know a lot of things. But I know this one thing I am AVM free.

I am getting another angiogram (the most advanced imaging they have) done in about a month. The doctors want to check it out again. But they say I am AVM free.I asked them if this happens a lot. They said no it doesnt. But sometimes …

I really believe that God healed me. No, I dont understand why it happened again. But truly life here on earth is only temporary. Our lifes flash by in a moment…sometimes that moment seems too long and too sad and too crazy…But God promised us eternal life if we will believe in Him. That He took the punishment for our wrongs on himself. He has so much more for us than on this earth. And we are going to live forever with God or without Him…So my advice is choose wisely.

He made us, He loves us so much that he gave His life on the cross for you & me…thats wassup!

I’ll praise Him with you!!! He is soooo good. I’ve decided to not treat my AVM. I’m in God’s hands no matter what. And no matter how I die (AVM or otherwise) I will immediately see Jesus - hallelujah, amen!

Wow…that is unusual but I am so HAPPY for you!

Wow! Congratulations! I think an AVM is like a river and it twists and goes every which way and sometimes it gets big and sometimes it’s a trickle and depending on the geography it might just disappear.

Karen, I’m believing with you for your healing.& I stand with you. Just keep your eyes on Him. He will never fail you. Your never wrong for trusting in God. He made us right. Keep your eyes on the prize…Thank you everyone, Im happy too!

So Happy for you Olivia!!! Praise God!!! God is GREATand he certainly works miracles in all of our lives!!! As the PSALM 91 says, he will deliver us from the snare of the trapper and the deadly pestilince! And that he has done for all of us on this site who are healing miraculously including myself :)))!!!

Thank you for sharing and God Bless!!!


Hi Michele. I love psalm 91 I read that almost every night over my kids & others. I really feel that I was protected just as psalm 91 says. He delivered me from death & protected me. Hes sooo good!

Hi Olivia. I just finished reading the book on Psalm 91 - my girlfriend sent this to me from CA after I had my bleed from my AVM I never knew I had - this is a gift that will last and protect me for a lifetime :))!!! Like you, I know that God delivered me from death & protected me through this trial that he put in my life which I am now reeping the many blessings from – I know that may sound strange, but this AVM has brought many blessings in my life albeit in a terrifying way but this was all part of God’s plan for me :))!

Your positive attitude and faith in God is a beautiful thing! Thats really cool that you have seen the blessing from the AVM, may God bless you and keep you, and may His face shine upon you!

Thank you so much Olivia! I just read your posting again and I too had the same feeling that you had thinking you were in a hotel vs. the hospital. When I first started coming to, I thought I was in someone’s house vs. a hospital. I even asked one of the nurses, do you live here and what am I doing in your house – too funny!!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend - it’s going to be a beautiful weekend here on the east coast :)!

I agree with you on so many levels, I, also. had 2 bleeds. One in 1983 and the 2nd in 1990. I did it with God’s help!! My AVM is gone – still have some side affects I deal with everyday – but, hey, it can be done and my guardian angel has job security watching over me!! And it sounds like you will be keeping yours busy for a long time!!

Weird – but good, definitely!!

:wink: Thankyou! So how did your Avm disappear? Was your just gone too, or was it thru surgery? I still have some effects too. Like my right hand is slowly healing. But it has improved a lot over that last couple months. It keeps getting better. :slight_smile:

Hi --First I had an embolization. Then I had stereotactic radiosurgery. When I returned for my second appt., they discovever the radiosurgery did its job and dissolved the Avm. Yea – I have a few side effects also – a weakness on the right side of my body (problems walking and talking – but I still do!!), deaf in the right ear, double vision (glasses with prisims take care of this). The doctors were able to help me so I won’t hemorrage again, but they couldn’t do anything for the damage already done. I lost some battles – but I won the war!! I do have a parttime job as a cashier at Wal-Mart. In fact, tomorrow it will be 11 years that I have worked there!! Four hour shifts, four days a week but it gets me out of the house and around other people! God has been at my side – and he will continue to be with you!! Thanks for asking and thanks for listening!

Wow, your a fighter & its very encouraging;)…Congratulations at your job in Wal-Mart!!! May there be many many more year to come!