OHHH what a night!

Well I am still here thank god.....I went off to work last night for my usual 19-0700hrs shift and started to feel like I was in a fog. I couldnt shake it and an hour into my shift I felt like I was going to collapse. I never, ever throw up but I sure felt like it. I am in a very busy job and work in a Maximum Security institution where you best be on your toes or you could get hurt very easily. I decided to go to my lieutenant and let him know that something is not right with me and I need to go to the local emergency dept and get myself checked out. Off I went, still in a fog and barely knowing what the heck I was doing, I know I was on auto pilot just going through the motions of walking and driving from what memory I could muster up at the time. Nurses there knew me from bringing inmates in on a regular basis for years. The girl at the desk said " oh my, you look pretty green" and straight to a bed I went. CT scan showed no bleeds thank god , gave me a shot of demerol for the head pain, oxygen and a litre of saline (rye was my preference) but it was denied.... lol . I don't drink and they knew I was kidding. Funny enough I had clarity again and felt almost normal. They sent me home a few hours later and I had a long needed sleep. Is there anyone else that is having these surreal episodes popping up out of the blue?

Binky…even though it went away, you should have a neuro doc check you out. I never had your issue happen, but I had a brain bleed and you don’t want that to happen…so tell a neuro doc what happened. Sometimes the docs in the emergency room don’t understand how issues. Good luck and keep in touch.

I also never had this happen. Call the doctors tomorrow. Make contact with them or their nurse.

good luck

My son has episodes like that. He literally will turn grayish. He doesn’t remember anything and ends up sleeping like the dead for @24 hrs. They tell me no bleed but you can’t see anything on CT because of coils.