Oh what to do

Well i suppose many of us have choices to make.

Life is all about choice, thats all our lives are, whether its lifestyle, finaciall etc…

Currently i am deciding whether to just live my life not worrying, putting this AVM to one side and just making the most of the time left or going for it.

When i say going for it i mean taking steps to raise awareness regarding facial AVMs with the possibily of leaving my country and heading to the USA in the chance my life can be saved.

I know i may only have a limited time due to the AVM which is getting worse daily, my current good health wont last which i know. I may have 1 year or possibily many more they cant say, all depends how large my own AVM and how far this can expand without bursting, it is large and feeds my face and brain with blood. High flow and as they say here " we cant help you and can not operate again " they can only save my life if at all possible and stop the hemorrhaging at any cost which would leave me seriously disfigured with major complications etc. Removing huge parts of my face and godness knows what else. Thats no way to live am sorry.

Would rather not, or i could go for it and at least try but with the possibility of still not being cured to a point.