Off to get my get my lid flipped

Say "sayonara" AVM! I'll post updates on how tomorrow's surgery goes as soon as I can. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the wonderful people praying for me. God is good!

Best wishes for your surgery, pbqvdad. We're rooting for you.

Positive healing thoughts being sent in your direction! You know that you are on my prayer list!!!

God is great, he will heal you with super doctors and prayers, in my prayers as well,I am post avm too almost one year, doing super,Caroline himes

Many blessings and prayers sent your way!

Good Luck and God be with you through the surgery and healing. - Cindy

Pbgvdad/Mike- I wish you a successful surgery and a full speedy recovery. I have it on my calendar to pray for you tomorrow. God Bless.

Good luck & all the best! --- Robert

Sayonara AVM (great grandparents from Japan). Blessings, prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery are being sent your way

Hope the surgery goes well tomorrow and please keep us posted. All the best!!

Good Luck with your surgery, keep positive, you will be fine

best wishes,god bless you with your surgery,amen, caroline

You are in my thoughts and prayers! Good luck with your surgery and I can't wait to hear positive updates!

Best thoughts & wishes on your surgery & recovery - NO MORE AVM! :)
Take care & GOOD health to you.

Praying that all went well today and that you have a quick recovery, Mike!