Off to Boston

Well, I’m going to have my angiogram tomorrow at Mass General. Dr. Ogilvy is going to perform my angiogram. I pray that he says my AVM has gone away! I had a major problem yesterday…I couldn’t sleep and had anxiety. I have a legal issue and also the angiogram at the same time, so I’m not sure which made me so nervous! Whatever, I just want peace, that’s all I want!

Louisa, I’ll be thinking about you, please let me know what happens. I know you’re anxious and nervous, but stay positive, keep up the hope. If that doesn’t work, take a Xanax and have a beer or 2! Don’t mean to make light of it, just trying to get a smile on your face!

You did…I laughed and my daughter was laughing too! I just told my psychiatrst that I dont’ want to go to him anymore. I think just talking to him doesn’t help! I agree with you, I just need depression and anxiety medication, that’s all I need! For my anxiety, I take Lorazapan because it’s not as adictive, according to my doctor. and she says I’m on the lowest doce of it, so I guess I’m doing OK. The beer and wine helps alot too…hahaha. You are always there when I need you Trish!

Good luck tomorrow, Louisa! I hope you’ll be doing some big time celebrating tomorrow night!

First I apologize to all because I am new to this website (and most websites) and I really don’t know what I’m doing! But…if Louisa gets this, well you know you are in good hands with Dr. Ogilvy. Hoping for good results.

Doctor Ogilvy is the love of my life! He saved me on 12/26/09. He calls me his miracle! So I already know that I’ll be in good hands. If you need any information about what I went through, you can email me whenever you want. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■