Of surprises post swelling

So, I noticed this weekend for the 1st time…my head is indented (depressed) where the plate is. Apparently I couldn’t initally see it because of the swelling, but now that has subsided it is obvious. I look malformed! I couldn’t do anything but chuckle.

I suspect it gives you character! How are you feeling these days?

Howdy Barbara, other than that all is well. I feel good, no headaches, still sore there though. Slowly trying to get back into exercising. My memory isn’t the greatest though. Hopefully it will improve in time.

I feel all kinds of little bumpy areas. It’s so weird feeling, but my hair covers some of it, but you can see it a little on the right side of my forehead. :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ve all got bumpy heads now and it is amusing to me. We women don’t tend to shave our heads on purpose (I hated being bald!!) so ours are generally covered up by our hair. I’ve found it makes for some good party tricks though! :slight_smile:

Same here, Im bald and you can see my bump spots. lol!!!