Finally, the news I’ve been waiting two years to hear. Yesterday I had my 18 month post-gamma knife check up and my neurosurgeon said that my AVM looks completely gone. I’ll have an arteriogram some time later to confirm, but for now, I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I slept like a baby for the first time in two years. I just wanted to share the great news with you all!

Ben that is truley wonderful news, I am so happy for you as you so deserve it. Good Luck and Take Care. Amanda

Gosh I feel so much happiness for you congrats bring on the PARTY!

I am so happy for you, Ben! You truly must be having sweet dreams tonight!

Wow. What a journey you have had. Congratulations and thank you again for creating this network for all of us. You have reached out and helped and given hope to so many. Enjoy this peace you must feel.

Congratulations Ben! I also want to thank you for creating such a great network!

Thanks, all. I really appreciate the kind words.

Dear Ben, I am late but very happy that you are now avm free. I know exactly how you feel having this weight off your shoulders. Congratulations!! I also cant thank you enough for creating this network, our new family. Enjoy life!! xxx


I am so happy for you Ben,thats the best news:) hugs ,Caroline

Thanks, guys. It’s been quite a journey. Best of luck to those still traveling.

what great news, tears are falling with such joy…

Thank you, Melissa. Congratulations to you! That’s great news.

WOW I am behind the times,… You are wonderful and God has plans for you my dear… Glad to hear the news about your AVM are the lack of one now… Good for you and your family… Happy Days, Happy New Year and New Life Ben.

YOU are amazing: what you have done with this site, and, what you have conquered in your head!! I am EXTREMELY happy for you!!! I hope you have celebrated many a time sine the knowledge that you are in the clear.
I work like a crazy person and just came back tot he site for the first time since, oh, maybe last July! But I really want to be more involved and will be a regular visitor more now.
How are you these days, months later??

Thanks, Phoebe. My health is great and I celebrate that fact everyday. No worries about being busy. We’re here if you need us.