Nutrition and holistic treatments for AVM

Hi, I had gamma knife surgery last February for my AVM on the right hemisphere, but I want to find nutrition and holistic treatments that will help the occlusion.

I read about antiangiogenic diet but not sure if there is any results applied to the malformations; I read here that there may be a bleeding risk for some with turmeric even it is an antiangiogenic, this just leaves me more confused.

Please any light on this? Any experience on changing diets with improvements on occlusions or any results reversing the damage on the affected arteries? Any "doctors" expert on alternative therapy for AVM that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Irene, I'll go out on a limb and say there are no known alternative therapies that will have significant health benefits on an avm. Eating right makes sense; check any new diets with your doctor. The hype on turmeric far exceeds its clinically demonstrated benefits, I'm afraid. Doctor-recommended supplements should be fine, but experimenting on your own or with alternative docs who have no understanding of avms could have risks.

Hi Madere, thanks for your advice. After reading that changing the diet has successful results with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. . I had some hope it would have some effects on malformations also :(

Unfortunately, AVMers are too rare to have the benefit of a large body of research, like cancer and diabetes. And the problem is different, because it is congenital rather than lifestyle-influenced. If your doctor approves the anti-angiogenetic diet, you may certainly try it with his or her blessing. Someday, we will know more about factors that influence avms. Avoiding overexertion, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy food, and smoking makes good sense.

I went yesterday to my neurologist and he gave me green light on doing an antiangiogenic diet. If anyone is interested here is a TED talk about angiogenesis and a list of some antiangiogenic food, My doctor also recommend me not to take too much omega3 and to avoid aspirins or anticoagulant drugs.