My AVM was near my right lateral ventricle. It ruptured (very painful) and I had a crainiatomy. After the surgery there were difficulties and I was in a ten day coma. When I awoke the AVM was removed successfully but as a result I have numbness, and seizures. I have to be on seizure meds indefinately and my buttocks and left leg are almost completly numb. Doctors say it is a result of the surgery in which brain seperation caused nerve damage. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? And anything I can do to get feeling back. Thank you! -Josh

I did a search on here for you…

Hi josh,
While my bleed wasn't in the right lateral ventricle, my 4th bleed requiring surgery was also deep in my brain (right thalamus) & I developed complete left-sided numbness.
It has been 2 yrs. & I still have the numbness, but everyone's different in recovery & there's always room for hope!