Numbness + Vomiting

Never had any issues after the initial bleed but…

I’ve had been vomiting regularly for a week now. My primary care doctor thought it was either the lingering effects of the flu I just had or possibly GI problems (ulcer). Yesterday I started having some numbness on the left side of my face. Barely noticeable when I touch my face but still there.

My neurosurgeon said not to worry about the numbness but to get a CAT scan if the vomiting continues. I hope I am just being paranoid and it is nothing.

Ben–this sounds really scary. If you feel like something is wrong, and your doctor is not taking your concerns as seriously as he should, I really think you should get a second opinion–if for no other reason than your peace of mind. They might go to med school, but you still know your body best. I really hope everything is okay.