Numbness in my left arm - new symptom

Hi, I have at least one spinal avm. I am currently awaiting an appointment to see my neurologist to see if she will finally approve an MRI of my spine for a second opinion. She didn't want to treat it in the first place because she wanted us to get past my brain avm. Although now, I am experiencing more than just pain, tingling, burning in my neck and back, but also numbness and pain in my left arm all the way down to my pinky finger. Is this numbing a sign that one of my disks are compressed or maybe even bleeding? I collapsed in the shower last week, but I am not certain if it was an absence seizure from the avm in my brain or my spine. I'm starting to worry. My neuro moved locations and it seems like it'll be mid-to-late July or early August before I can see her. She got a message yesterday and I spoke to her nurse so he is aware. I'm just starting to get worried.

Zilly, try keeping a pain journal to keep track of any new or worse symptoms and help organize questions you may have from drs. Call thenurse today, ask if u can be out on cancellation list, then call every day to see if anyone cancelled. If your numbness progresses by all means, call Dr orgoto er, better safe than sorry