Now what!

I am sooo tired of just dealing with all the effects of my AVM surgery. No one knows why i have visual issues, or how to fix them. I am also dealing with dizziness off and on all the time- it is making me sad, and i don"t know what to do about it. I have a normal neurological assessment but always feel horrible. I have run out of hope that someday I will be better. Now what! I have been trying to be positive about everything I have to deal with for the past fifteen 1/2 years. I have litterly run out of steam, and options. Does anyone else feel like I do?

Sommer I seem to have run out of steam dealing with my AVM especiallyn after the embo’s and gamma knife’s. I been dealing with mine for over thirty years and it takes its toll on you. I actually cried in my neuro’s office today. It has been three years since my last treatment, its not obliterated and still don’t know where we go from here. Like you I am trying to be positive about everything. My escape point is enjoying my children & grandchildren when they come over but I ware out so easy. It is hard when people say “keep your chin up you are doing good” because I know I don’t feel good but my outlook now is keep fighting and when those happy moments come I take them in and savor them.

Have you considered botox in your eye? My little sister had eye problems and was seeing double for the first 6 months after her bleed. She would wear an eye patch and had botox I believe twice in her eye. She now has 20/20 vision, she just suffers from a little hearing loss. Hope this helps!