Not sure what's going on...seizure?

So far I haven't had any major headaches with this thing until Thursday morning. I woke up at 5:30am with a killer headache that I was finally able to put a dent in the pain with some Tylenol. It ruined my Christmas plans (along with the weather) so I've just been chilling at home. This headache left me stupid, I think it drained my IQ. I tried to go to Blockbuster to rent some dvds on Friday and I made 4 wrong turns on my way there and it's not that far from my house. It was really taking a lot out of me to think and talk too.

So last night, I got this visual "thing" off to my left--it was like a snake with zig zags in it that move. And while it happens it cuts out parts of my vision. But it went away after about 15 minutes, good thing I wasn't too far from home. I first saw this thing after my embolization a few months ago and then again about a month ago. Is this an aura? Did I have a seizure??? I've been lucky so far and haven't had any seizures (that I know of), the AVM was in a place that isn't normally associated with seizures and I've not been on any seizure meds. My left side is weak and was pretty shaky and unstable yesterday after I saw this thing. I pretty much thought I might not wake up today, but I woke up and feel much better. Is that a bad sign????

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I think you should call your Neuro and tell him what happened. It’s possible it was a seizure, but I would call your doctor and explain what happened. Let us know!

Hello Nicole .

How is your head today ? How is your vision today ? How is your body today ?

Have you spoken with your physician(s) today ?

I am very happy that you woke up and felt better . Please call your physician(s) .

Be good to you . Take care of you .