Not so good

after work i went to the grocery store and the owner of yogi’s bar, lucy saw me and said she got a phone call from one of our neighbours who saw kev walking down the street. he told her that he was on his way to yogi’s. she then called lucy and she had one of the boys go and pick him up. the waitress served him too many beer. at least they got him a cab home. lucy loves kev but he’s going to be a liability because of his fall risk. i’ve given my work numbers to yogi’s. if he keeps doing that he’s going to get hurt. the main drag is busy. i’ll either have to quit my job or he’ll have to go to an old folks home. lucy has him at a 3-4 beer limit but still…if he falls. he knows he’s supposed to call a cab. this short tetm memory loss is a disaster waiting to happen. pembroke hosp. should have listened to ottawa’s recommendations. wonder what will happen today. how can i be at work wonder what the flip is happening at home??? guess i’ll find out. ttyl ginny

oh ginny. I don’t even know how you deal with all of this. I can’t believe on your first week back that this should happen. Is Kevin on seizure meds? because if he is, he really isn’t supposed to drink. Anyway, I guess that is the least of your worries. They really should have kept in in a rehad hospital until he was better than he is, I think. It is so hard to know what the answer is but this must be so stressful. Am thinking of you.