Not remembering

In the last few weeks I have had incidences where someone will give me something or I will give them something, and I absolutely have no memory of it. I am used to my husband telling me about things that I used to eat that he would fix that I couldn't remember eating. Or any number of other things that I absolutely don't remember, but these were things that happened prior to knowing that I had an AVM. It is disturbing enough to have older memories that disappear, but things that just happened? Now that is scary! I had someone give me a paper yesterday. I looked at it and said "did someone put this in my hand?". Last week it was me that had given someone something and didn't remember it. They actually took it out of my hand and I had no idea that I gave it to them. It was a set of numbers by the way. I work in a blood donation center and each blood donation has an indivdual set of numbers for every corresponding bag, tube, paper associated with that unit of blood. I thought she was lying to me at first. Then the more things that happened, I was like my Lord I must be totally oblivious to what is happening around me. Anyone else had this issue? I am not quite at 2 years post LINAC treatment.

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you have any other systems? Since you are two yrs post I would contact your neuro so they can do an MRI /MRV /MRA
You might have had a small stroke which can cause short term memory loss.
something clearly is going on and since these are new systems call your doctor tomorrow ASAP
this is not normal
if you are having these issues which happened to me after my major stroke which later caused my AVM I had no short term memory and did not even recall at the time having my stroke

What got me better and back to working in finance was taking turmeric and coconut oil twice a day

Keep us updated and so sorry this is very scary!

I have always slept poorly. I wake up during the night. I go right back to sleep, but not deep sleep. I sent my doctor at the mayo an email asking about this. Actually his nurse was calling back today about something else I had asked earlier. I told her about the episodes and she said to talk to my local neurologist about it first. She said if he thought that I needed to be followed up with that I would need to start there. Just called his office and the nurse or lady at the front desk was going to give him a message and she would get back with me. Said it would probably be Monday though. He was getting ready to go. Oh well.