Not my words

Is it o.k. to quote someone else here? There ias i book entitled “Not Quite A Miracle” written byJon Franklin and Alan Doelp in1983 by Doubleday & Company inc. . It is a book written about several neurosurgeons, their cases and a bit on info about who these neuros are as people. Good book. Interesting insightful and not too complex. One of the neurusurgeons written about in this book is Michael Salcman,M.D. . He as a brain surgeon wrote the following words on brain surgery about performing brain surgery. I believe these words ought to be tattooed on all of our foreheads AT BIRTH. Here is what he wrote. “Don’t ever pull on anything. Not ever. You don’t know what it’s attached to. It might be attached to something that’s attached to something that’s attached to the soul.”-Michael Salcman,M.D.
Those are words I try to remember not to forget every day, though I do often forget to remember not to forget them. I also keep in mind that he points out that he is just a man who happens to be good at his job and has interests like writing and sailing and has a life. Never met him but those words make me want to. All these learned people who do help us and try to help us are just people who happen to be good at their job in the PRACTICE on medicine. It is up to usto teach them to learn from us before during and AFTER. The more information, on every level we garner and disseminate the more practice we shall have and “things” will conyinue to advance and progress as we all move forward learning together. That is this womans opinion anyway. Be good to you. Take care of you.

So true at what Alan had said. But what about the american socialistic society saying that an AVM isn’t a STROKE.
You see that’s get me pissed when I hear that another country (Australia) recognizes as a stroke but america does not. (USA)
That just erks me. I am sorry about the comment but it is true… Take it easy Marianne.

is it really true that they recognize avm’s as a stroke? I didnt know that! so does that mean I have had a stroke?

No not according to US physicians and neurologist. But Australia does recognize the AVM as a stroke.

Yeah- I had the hardest time explaining to the insurance company why I needed the treatment that I did because it wasn’t a stroke. We finally had to send them medical reference material because an AVM was something they didn’t know about.

I love that quote! thanks for posting this Marianne. And you are right, they are just as human as we are. Not perfect, but very talented. I’ve heard people talk about my doc, Dr. Yakes, and say that what he does is part technique and part artistry. And I couldn’t agree more! He is good at what he does.