Not Just a Song

This really has nothing to do with my AVM, more with the way I am feeling. My title on my page is a lyric from ‘Fix You’ by ColdPlay (they so rock) Its probably not the best part of the song to get across what I am trying to say but it works… Here I am, 31, two kids, starting over, I am willing to take risks to be happy but I wont make the same mistakes I made in the past. Look where its gotten me? Maybe its just a hard time for me because my sis is having another baby and getting married and I am not and well …not lol but it hurts sometimes and I am sick of the lies that guys will tell you to get you to think there is hope when there isnt, ever, and they know that. I’m just lonely and tired and in need of friends to get me through this rough spot but who do you ask? It just hurts.

Who do you ask? Us, of course! You’ve got me, babe!

Jo! Isn’t it crazy weird how lyrics hit SO close to home? Seems as if every song I listen to has something to do w/ my life right now (sure isn’t a bowl of cherries I tell ya). Seems like once you are over one hurdle, you pop up to find two more! Just remember to keep your head up, focus on YOU… YOU are #1, gotta take care of yourself to be there for the kiddos (I know, easier said than done). Live life to the fullest, for you and the kids, do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. Eventually, in time; things will pan out. In the mean time, lean on us! Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

JoJo, Connie is right you got us its just a pity we are all so far flungh over the globe
Its just a down momment and you know you’ll be up again soon
as for men, there will be someone out there for you, ou just might have to kiss a few frogs first

Hi JO,
iI MIS READ YOUR BLOG…so sorry. Thought you said you were getting married! I to feel depressed these days with the future of life! I guess at times like this we must go on faith alone…We are here for you! Always…
Sending Angel light and love…d