Not happy with the hospital that i am under to have my surgery could anyone recommend a hospital in the london area thank you

Hi All
I Am Not Happy With The Care I Am Getting From The Hospital That I Am Under.Lots Of Mistakes Have Been Made I Don't Feel Confident With The Present Hospital.
Thank You For Any Commenets.

Crystal, there is a list of docs on the UK group:

Sorry to here not getting on there are they being slow moving things forward for you

Hi Daven
No There Has Been Many Mistake Made WIth My Notes,Bloods,And The Care I Reclived In Hospital. I Don't Have A Problem With My Surgeon His Very Good At His Job And A Very Nice Person Its The Pre And Post Op Team I Have Complained. My Seizure Dr Is Going To Find Another Hospital I Just Hope I Can Get The Same Surgeon. I Know Other Patients That Go To This Hospital For The Same Things Has Me And They Say The Same There Not Happy With The Care.I Feel For The Surgeons Pre And Post Team Let Them Down.Did You Hear What Jeremy Hunt The Mp For Health Said This Morning On The New? I Am Thinking About Writing To Him.Sorry To Go On How Are You Well I Hope Take Care

I am ok thanks sorry to hear about all that could you not ask the surgeon to maybe refer you elsewhere to somewhere he also works cause like you say he is a nice man only other person I ever spoken to only is i think a joan grieves may have her first name wrong she actually made a point of phoning me sounded very pleasant and understanding too with good knowledge on AVMs

I cant access this list. Can you help as I need to find a top DAVT specalist in London. Thanks

What hospital? Im in London and need to find the best hospital and consultant to help with my DAVT. Thanks

Hi, apologies, I believe we may some resource lists may no longer be
accessible since we changed community platforms. Please get in touch with
one of the moderators for help with this. Good luck, and I hope you find a
great specialist. :slight_smile: