Not able to say whats wrong?

hi guys its me,caroline,yesterday morning,I have a question?? need some ideas,k,yesterday morning,I was working over a neighbors home helping her with some puppies,ok let me back up,first thing, I woke yesterday to sharp pain where my avm is,lasted just a few secs,I let it go,because this happens alot,anyways,a few hours later,i became very sick in the stomach,pain and the a weird feeling on my face,I was alone at the time and knew i was going to faint,i looked in the icebox for ice for my neck and thank god it was there,applied to front and back of neck,and then sat on the couch,not a few minutes later,it came back while sitting down,i could not hardly breath ,my head was hurting.i knew i needed to call home for help,well,it took three times before i could say to my husband something was wrong,(( now let be back up ,this happened three other times this year,the fainting and hitting the floor,the thing thta was different,is that when my husband finally got to the home,just a few houses up the street,all i could say is wait,heres the kicker,i could not remember how to say avm.i tryed and tryed, and all that came out is wait,around twent minutes later,it stated to pass,i could not remember if i talked to him on the phone or next to me,what would make me forget how to say avm,i keep saying amv amvr,a bunch of nothing…the light headed as i said happened before,but never not being able to say avm or whats wrong,no i didnt go to the doctors,hehhe,i go tomorrow morning and im sure he will send me for an mri,today ,just so tired,but much better?? could this be from the avm,nver had this ever!! crazyyy,thanks for the help anyand everyone!!! love you guys,Caroline

Caroline sounds like seizure to me!! The not being able to speak or remember,at least that is what mine was like. DONT MESS ARROUND YOU BE SURE TO SEE DOC.


Pauline,now that you say that,is having a seizure like that? not knowing how to talk ,I just didnt know how to say avm.could not for the life of me get it rite.,i didnt even know if he was next to me,or still on the phone,what i do rememebr is ,I could not breath at one point,it happened twice in a matter of say 20 minutes,but just crazy,i tryed to hard to say avm,and didnt know how,nuts,but im much better now,heheheh

that has happened to me before my avm was even diagnoised followed by passing out it was a partial siezure…so the docs say …but still be sure to go to your doc and have it checked out…are you on anti siezure meds? if so…maybe its time to get your levels checked ???take it easy and let us know what the doc says thinking of you xxxx

Caroline!!! ah im praying for you hope all goes well keep me updated!

thanks guys ,i go tomorrow,im noton any meds yet,never had a siezure befrore,so im not sure what it was,it was just scary,today,i feel fine,il get back with all of you tomorrow!!!xxxooo

My poor Caroline…how frightening that must have been for you! Make sure that you tell your doctor exactly what happened. It does sound like you had some type of seizure.

I agree with others… this is something to share with your doctor. Prior to my daughter having her seizure, she lost her words and could only make limited responses. I think that her issues were due to having a bleed during that time, which eventually caused her seizure.

I will look for your update and am sending well wishes until then.

thanks everyone…yeah it was scary,i do belive i know what happened,i looked up parial seizures,and thats me to a tee,never had one and thanks to pauline leading me in that direction and me doing some researchh,its all that happened to me,never had one before,hope to never have another! I see the doc tomorrow,im sure he will poke me to death with tests,but im fine tonight,just some odd head ains,had them for some time now,illpost tomorrow nite,thats for your prayers everyone,love you!!!

Caroline, i hope that everything is okay and that this never happens again!

Caroline, hope you’re OK!! Please let us know what the docs say. xx

Hi Caroline, how are yo doing ? What did the doc say?

My first thought was seizure also, maybe your other “passing out” episodes were seizures. I’m not sure of the time difference, but have you seen the doctor yet? Hope all went well.

Hi everyone,no didnt make it to doctors today,only talked on the phone,he got called into hospital,so im seeing him Monday morning at 9 AM…from what he thinks without seeing me and listening to what i said,he thinks its a partial seizure,he will run tests monday morning,thank you for all the wonderful prayers,ill get back with everyone Monday,Monday will be here soon,rite!!!

OY !!!