Not a candidate for cyberknife:(

So after meeting with shawns neurosurgen, he has informed us that his a.v.m is way too big for treatment. (about the size of a large egg). What a shocker to say the least. so now to go adead with preparing for surgery. We are meeting with Dr. John Sinclair soon so high hopes. He is supposed to be “The Guy”. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Thanks for lettingme share! So nice for people to know what your talking about! xoxoxox

I was told by many doctors all over the US and in parts of paris they don’t want to do anything. I finally found a doctor who said if we don’t do anything you will die and he did oct. 30th… don’t give up hope, you will find someone who will help :slight_smile:

Oh Ashley, I am so sorry to hear that news. Gosh, what a disappointment that must be for you adn your husband. Is Dr. Sinclair in Ottawa? I’m here for you if you need anything. Stay strong. You can get thru this somehow.

Ashley, Please see more doctors. My AVM was originally very large as well and I had gammaknife done. Knowing that it was large, they did it in stages, three years apart. They knew that they could not get the whole thing with one treatment or even two. They did three. After the first three treatments I waited 3 years, then they did another. That was last year. I’m still not done. I continue to get MRIs every six months to follow the shrinking of the AVM but we still don’t know if I’m done or if I’ll need more radiation. Just don’t take no for an answer. You need the best and right treatment. Goodluck.