I’ve been excited to post for days now.
On October 2nd I had my follow up to my 24 hour EEG and the results were normal, without even a single blip! I’ve never had a normal EEG… even when I was taking Depakote so I’m pretty thrilled.
Still a long way before I can drive, but that makes me feel so much better knowing!

That’s great to hear. Congratulations!

Hello Beth. So pleased for you and your normalcy!!! Enjoy yor moment! I noticed the Columbus Ohio tag. I enjoyed that town so very much,many times. Does capital square still exist? Be good to you. Take care of you.

Yup Beth congratulations! Don’t ever know if i was normal my friends always told me I was mad :wink:

That is great news to hear

Beth, congratulations. Enjoy this moment.

That is wonderful news.

Lee Ann