How many survivors of an AVM rupture are pretty much back to where you were before the rupture and how long did it take? My boyfriend was in a coma for 2 months, paralysis (but full feeling) on left side, and has had his AVM completely surgically removed and now has a permanent shiny placed… If you have similar situations, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks!

Hi, I’ve only just joined the AVM site today and wow it makes you feel not so alone.

I’m so sorry to hear about your boyfriend but I’m sure he’ll make a brilliant recovery, it may take some time but he will drastically improve.
I am so pleased for him that they were able to completely remove it.

I had a bleed into my brain stem / pons area nearly 5 years ago. I was off work for about 4 months, I had problems with my vision, balance, tiredness etc but slowly over time your body adapts and you start to feel normal again, like I do now.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you! And welcome to this site! It’s really helped with questions and support. I would have felt terribly alone without it.

I feel like my boyfriend has changed in some ways and in others not. I also feel like his situation is really not improving rapidly, but I’m very impatient by nature and it’s only going to be a month from his brain surgery on Friday… I really have to give him some time… It’s very hard.

As for you, you had it in what seems to be the worst place possible from the stories I’ve read and the outcomes I’ve seen from bleeds in/near the brain stem. I should feel very lucky and it’s so nice to see someone that is encouraging even after what you’ve been through. So inspiring. Thanks for the reply and I hope you find answers/friends/conclusions on this site :slight_smile:

I had a rupture/bleed on 13th march 2012 I am not back to we’re i want to be today but to look at me I don’t look anything wrong then I walk and well!!..but I’ve come along way in such a short space of time from being In a coma and hospital and rehab for most of last year my life has changed so much…my family were told by my surgeon that patients with avm recover the most and itself very long process baby footsteps was the word but dnt rush perfection…if u want it u will achieve it…I no its hard but its a rollacoaster of a ride just trerish the time…hope your boyfriend makes a full recovery x

Thank you:) I didn’t know thr people with AVMs tend to recover better… Since I’m not married to my boyfriend, I don’t get to talk with the doctors first hand but hearing other survivors say positive things about this condition really helps SO much, so thank you for taking the time to read and reply :slight_smile: I’m happy that a long recovery is normal. He’s been in hospitals for 5 months altogether now and it’s really been a roller coaster ride like you said!!! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I’m not even the one who is suffering from an AVM and it’s after effects! God bless you and you’ll be in my prayers :slight_smile: thanks again.

:slight_smile: glad I could help just message me if u want anything x

It’s been almost a year and I had an aneurysm rupture, three coilings, AVM removed and still two untreated aneurysms that will be watched. If you see me I look the same now that my hair has grown back. However it is noticeable that I am still recovering from my walking, speech, short term memory, fatigue and stamina. I have not returned back to work yet. I am still recovering and accept the fact that I may not be like I was before…but inside I feel so much appreciative of life. I was also in an induced coma and spent time at inpatient rehabilitation hospital. Be patient and strong for your boyfriend.