"normal" sicknesses during crani recovery

What about getting sick after craniotomy? 3 months after my crani I had a bad cold with a severe bacterious bronchitis and slight fever. Had to tske antibioticum for some days to defeat the Infection and inflammation...of course I was dizzy and more tired than i am anyway in this time....it took me a bit to feel better again. Now i caught a stomach-flu with nausea and vomitting and slight fever again. I am feeling totally crappy again. And somehow I feel like my vision is so much worse than before these days...! And it makes me feel as if this "normal" sicknesses are throwing me back for weeks in my crani-recovery. Is this normal? I am dizzy and anxious and as said - my vision is affected....Anyone any experiences with this? Thx XXX


I think that after anyone has something drastic done, like brain surgery, their body puts down all defenses. It's almost like going through trauma makes our immune system extremely weak. I have not had treatment yet for my AVM, but I know that I have a weak immune system. If there is a flu bug out there, I am the first to get it. I just felt that any kind of reply could make you feel better.

Get well soon!!!

I would imagine getting sick would do a number on your already exhausted body! I actually haven't been really sick in the almost 4 years since my bleed/crani. The only thing I've had since is a really nasty case of strep throat. I'm usually quick to recover but that one knocked me on my as* for a long time. I'm guessing our brains must have a lot to do with healing? I think it's important for you to find a general practioner that is somewhat familiar with brain injuries. This way they know not to prescribe something that could increase your dizziness. Your neurologist or neurosurgeon can probably recommend someone. As far as your vision goes, definitely talk to your doctor. I lost half of my vision but that is because the AVM and the bleed were in my occipital lobe so it wasn't unusual. I'm not sure what kind of vision issues you are having but let your doctoro know what's happening. I hope you feel better!

Manux...there are so many virus's going around...But, please make sure you have your doctor check every medication you take (even over the counter) that it doesn't effect your other meds. I had a really bad cold and took an over the counter med that made me really ill. Always check with your doctor to see if you don't have any side effects. You will be in my thoughts and prayers....Get better soon!

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I picked up MRSA pneumonia from one of the nursing homes that I was in as the rehab. hospital's policy - I think regarding insurance - probably about 3 months post-crani. But even now - 3.5 years after, I pick up illnesses pretty easily, and it takes what seems like forever to get over it...my immune system has been comprimised. Hooray! =(

Also, I had something like the flu a couple of years ago. My PCP put me on a Z-Pack and cough medicine - but I couldn't keep down anything - my doc. thought the cough medicine was too strong - the codeine wasn't a good fit for my needs.

Someone mentioned your neuro. - or a caseworker if you have one - prescribing or managing your prescriptions for you - probably a good idea.

I have been ill for the past week or so. slightly elevated temp, chills, aches and congestion. I think we are very suseptible because of our weakened state due to the recovery process. I hope you feel better soon. This is my 2nd bout with this this month.

I cant say i got sick like this after my surgery but is it a safe assumption to say as your immune system may be down with stress and the operation you may have contracted these minor sicknesses through the hospital or contact with other people...hope you get better...God bless

Your body’s immune system is probably so over worn now. Eventually it will get back on track!