Noises in the head following craniotomy?

I got the clicking sound when I walked and took a step but only about 2-3 months after my surgery. I guess it was the last hurrah before the bone flap healed up…??

hi yvonne just wondering what did your doctor said about the crackling noise im having about the same noise thanks!

I had noises coming from my bone flap for at least a year following my craniotomy. I would hear it while chewing, while walking, etc., but it did not happen all the time. I would tell people about it and they were convinced it was just a figment of my imagination until one day I told my wife to listen while I lightly pressed on the side of my head. After that, she stopped doubting me and was also quite creeped out. Fortunately, it eventually solidified enough that the bolts and disks stopped shifting, but it did make for an annoying year.

Thanks jake I’m waiting for my xoctor to call hope is normal

Hello Yvonne,

I hope this info helps. I had AVM removed from my right temporal area April 2009. About a year later and still up to now I hear clicking sounds from my head. Neuro Surgeon told me it is one of the titanium plates clicking away. He said nothing to worry about and pay it no mind. It goes away when you do not mind it.

I felt the same way, without surgery. Knock knock, rattle. these were epileptic seizures. with the appropriate medication (levitirazepam) it stopped. avm is on the right temporo-parietal and clatter that was left to listen.

Yes I’ve recently had AVM removal surgery and I have some strange noises in my head, like pulsating squealching noises. Very weird

Yes I’ve recently had AVM surgery (a non bleed AVM) lots of squelching noises and clicking noises , very weird.

Hello, I also had this and it was really pronounced when I was tired…it’s two years on and it seems to have gone but I had it mostly when I was feeling frazzled.

Ok did you struggle to sleep after coming out of hospital! My body clock is out of sync and struggle to sleep now I’m home and out of hospital. ?


Maxine x

YES! I was tired but wired, I was also not completely convinced I was out
of hospital even when I was. for some time I suspected I intensely
dreaming myself home. It was very odd. I believed for a good deal of time
I was actually in a coma and dreaming my life and recovery.

Wow what a journey you had , I think I had a blood transfusion, hence the tiredness :sleeping::disappointed:. Here’s to a speedy recovery .


SWISH SWISH SWISH - similar to an ocean in my head. and clicks and felt like extra weird if i walk too fast. I his was in 2003 - BEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD DR. GARY STEINBERG AT STANFORD , IN CA. god bless


Welcome to the forum. I would be most grateful if you could tell me about the weirdness when you walked too fast. I have this and don’t know what it is. My interventional radiologist has just discharged me, saying hes obliterated my fistula.

Was the walking weirdness before sone surgery or radiation or embolization and do you know what fixed it? Or do you still have the weirdness?




Are you taking about squishing sounds or clicking? Thanks, Richard

Clicking- it drove me a bit wild actually because it would come on with stress, and I knew I would need to remove myself from the situation or it would get worse- But it did get better, two years on and I am broadly click free now apart from extreme tiredness which occurred a couple of weeks ago.

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I had clicking noises for about a year after my craniotomies.
it eventually goes away but it is annoying.

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