No Work yet need to wait 5 more weeks

I had my craniotomy about 4 1/2 weeks ago. I was kind of hoping to be able to transition back to work in a week or so. Saw my neurosurgeon today and he said he will reevaluate me in 5 weeks. I have mixed feelings -part of me was relieved. It would have been a struggle to go back even part time. I get restless and want to be back to normal but I realize I have a new normal. I am just kind of sad because I was hoping to transfer to another job that I would like. I need to count my blessings. We also have to figure out whether we can radiate this AVM remnant or just watch it. Dr. said he doesn't know how long I will have this limp. I am mainly venting because I know this group will understand. I am both relieved to not go back to work yet and sad for what has happened.

Hi Pat. You might find this thread interesting…

That is awesome. Thank you so much Barbara!! I needed to read that.

Hey Pat,

Like you said u only had surgery 5 weeks ago I pray that u fully heal and that ur limp goes away. i also had an appt on Monday and sadly my neurosurgeon told me that my periphreal vision that was lost may never come back..i was hoping that it would bc i love driving and i can really notice the loss. I sat there upset and confused but finally came to the conclusion that one i knew that there was a risk that this would happen second it could always be worse and should be grateful ut ththat im alive...he says my brain will adapt and that soon i wont even notice it.....I also have muscle weakness on both legs but that was from the steroids ive been and postion i was in for surgery.
Is the limp caused from surgery? or did u experience it before?

Thanks Nay! The limp was caused by the bleed in December. It has gotten better but I am sad that I cannot walk very well. The limp is noticeable. But I am glad I can walk at all. It is just sad to have the neurosurgeon say I may not lose the limp. It is hard to be patient and have people understand what it feels like and why I look OK (mostly) but cannot go back to work yet.