No treatment!

Too all my avm survival friends!

I miss you all!
I am so sorry that I "disappeared" from avmsurvivors.

I guess it was one of many survival mechanism that made that decision...
Now that this everlasting carousel quest for a treatment option finally has stopped, I will try to be in touch with you and the site again. I hope...

Love from Hanne xxx

Hanne, I'm delighted to see you! We wondered for so long if you were okay. Thank you so much for checking in! Lots of new members in the Scandinavian group, whom I'm sure would be happy to see you. I moved to the Netherlands, so perhaps we can meet someday if I head North.

Welcome back, Hanne...We all missed you so much!


Hi Hanne! So glad to hear from you!

Hi Hanne and thanks for posting this blog. I like your wording of an "everlasting carousel quest" and send best wishes to you.

Hello Hanne! It's so wonderful to see you again; I think of you often and now seeing you again, I'll do the "Happy Dancing". I know that Tony would love to hear from you XXXX

Glad to see you all again and to know that I'm not "forgotten"! I will try to catch up somehow ...

Seems to be a lot of new members! A bunch of work for the moderators of today!

Thank you all for the good work and for being here!

Lesley, I will certainly get in touch with Tony. Is he still in here?

...and yes, time to welcome new members and continue the update in the Scandinavian group...

Hanne x