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I would imagine that many people who are reading the discussions may have severe hadicaps, like myself and cannot reply. Becasue i have help i can write back. So i would like to represent all of those who cannot respond. So consider me the voice.
I know i will not hear back from you but i will try my best to represent you. I hope i can get your point across.

Linda, the thinker

Linda, you and others with communication difficulties may be interested in our groups and

Thanks for posting!

You are so kind to think of others like that, Linda :) I went thru a short time where i couldnt type and I felt bad about it but i knew others understood. It is easy to forget that others cant communicate when we can.

30 people viewed my discussion and only two responded. That tells me 28 people read the discussion but maybe were unable to respond. That tells me people are reading although maybe they cannot answer. Thank you and keep it up. Although I may be wrong, I will not weaken to that thought. I will remain believing that my work is read. It is also appreciated. It's funny but i used to do something like this for work among teachers.

Linda, The Thinker

It is inspiring you would lend your voice to others, help us that can communicate remember not to take it for granted. GoD bless you