No more surgery on March 21!

Yesterday afternoon I had bad heaache that my prescription pain meds didn’t touch. After calling the doctor he told me to go to the ER. They ran some test and did a scan, nothing showed any signs of stroke or bleeding but my doctor decided to move up my surgery date from march 21 to this morning just to be safe and so he could get in there and see what was going on. I went in this morning for an angio and he planned on doing an an embolization. When he got in there he said that everything had shrunk so much since my last surgery that he had nothing left to glue off. There were only 3 small vains that he said he couldn’t glue safely because they were so small. So I am ready to move on to the next step, gamma knife, he says I should olny need 1 or 2 treatments

That is fantastic Erin! I am so gald you are one step closer to being AVM Free!!! I am sure the headache really scared you but what a relief to find out the AVM had shrunk so well! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend take care and keep us posted!

I am sorry about the headache. However, I am excited about the fact you can move ahead with obliterating this beast from your brain!!!! Thank you for keeping us informed!

Great news Erin (NOT about the headache, silly!!!). I'm sure the thought of going down the GK path has you and your wonderful caring family very excited. Take care, and keep us posted. Tone