I have not been on here for a very long time, because of a great deal of reasons mostly time related, but I had to spread the good news. I want to tell you guys what I've discovered in my absence, fist of all I have a giant 7cm AVM in my parietal and occipital lobes, I never had any problems with it until I was an adult, got diagnosed on 2011 and like all of you guys I was devastated, I assume ALL medical doctors throw that "ticking time bomb" bit to us when we're diagnosed, idk if it's to invoke fear so we shell out our wallets in hopes of finding a "cure" or because that's how they learned it in school, either way I want you guys to remember that scientists cure diseases NOT medical doctors; I went to 3 neurologists and 2 neurosurgeons all of them said the same and they told me to keep with the trileptal pills the 1st one prescribed; I mention the whole scientists/MD's thing because I applied the scientific method to my research on why I was getting seizures; I of course used myself as a guinea pig in lack of other huge AVM patients that wanted to know why this happens, if you ask a MD about it they'll just respond that they don't know the "why" but I found out and I wish to disclose the information to anyone out there struggling with this ailment, first thing's first I used to get my full blown seizures when I drank alcohol and I had sex, I obviously got so bummed out that I quit drinking booze and stopped having sex, my ignorance on the issue plagued me; so I decided to give 2 hypothesis I had a try, again applying the scientific method and using myself as a test subject. These are my discoveries:
They prescribe trileptal because it is a sodium inhibitor, Sodium (Na) is a electricity conductor that our brain uses to pass our electrical mind currents from one neuron to the next, by inhibiting sodium our brains have a hard time passing those currents, that's why one of the side effects includes depression, it's because our brains are not functioning as they should due to the inhibitor; if we ourselves measure our sodium intake to just ingest 1.5gr or 1,500mg a day we don't need a sodium inhibitor, the problems with this treatment arises when you skip a dose or two, then you get a full blown seizure just for not taking the pills
now as for my other finding I STOPPED HAVING SEIZURES!!! just by drinking lots of water after sex and after drinking alcohol! So there is a direct relation from our seizures to dehydration, at fist I hypothesized that it was a loss of certain nutrients that our brains need in order to be healthy (Na, K, O, H, Fe, Omega fats) but as I found out on later experiments that was not the case, it all boiled down to being hydrated; so there you have it.
WATER!!! is the key!!!