No More Drugs!

So I think this week there are two amazing things that have happened to me.

The first was on Monday, i've been meaning to start going back to the gym to get fit all year but have never really actually gone through and done it, then surgery happened so i was stuck on my bum with my "pain in my ass" as i like to call it although its real nickname is the sponge or spongebutt squarepants (thanks to my co-workers for that little gem!) BUT i thought on monday morning that i would just go and do a workout, i thought that if i go around midday there will be like 2 people there so if im in a huge amount of pain or can't really work out almost nobody will see me so it will be ok. Luckily there were only two people there and I actually managed to walk on the treadmill and have a zip on the cross trainer. It wasn't much but i figure it was a start! I can't wait til i can start swimming again though!

the Second amazing thing this week is that yesterday (friday) was my first day that i can remember in which i had no painkillers at all! That's not to say that it didn't hurt as it kinda did hurt a little but it was nothing a quick walk couldn't fix! so it looks like 2 1/2 weeks and i've over the most of it. My doctor had said 2 weeks til everything would start settling back down and it looks like he was right. Now it's time for that favourite part of the long wait til the next i see him and then the second embo. I think i need to learn patience as I dont know if i can wait 5 1/2 months til the next op!

Hope everyone in AVM world is well and had absolutely fantastic weeks!!!


I’m glad to hear you are doing well, Kat. :slight_smile:

Good for you Kat. I’, so pleased that you are doing so well!

Hi Kat. It’s great to know that you’re doing well. I hope that your life continues to improve immensely. :slight_smile: