I had my angiogram and the results showed no AVM, which is confusing to me beacause they seemed so sure of it before. What they did tell me was that it looked like I have had a couple of mini strokes! I’m pretty sure I’ve had three of them since I can pin point back to each scarey episode. Now they want me to follow up with my neurologist. I just feel so lost as to what going on. Does anyone know anything about misdiagnosed AVMs or have any advice?

All I can say is terific news…I wish they were wrong about mine . I sure hope they get to the bottom of things for you.How could they have gotten it wrong like that and have you so upset.I WISH YOU LUCK

wow!.. I really dont know what to say but congratulations …you dont have an avm…that is great news…as for the mini strokes it is obvious the neuro will have to do more testing to discover the reason for these…please keep us posted with your story…all the best and hope you get some answers soon…but no avm is the greastest news of all…stay strong xxx

That is super confusing…like you probably don’t want to totally believe it until someone can explain it to you and PROVE it! Im personally would be very cautious with this and I would want to SEE the angiogram and have it explained. I am sure you will get more concrete info when you see the neuro. Let’s hope they are right but still, what caused the mini-strokes. That’s so scary in itself! You need answers girl! and I hope you get them soon. Will be thinking of you.

Congratulations! I know you are probably frustrated not to have a diagnosis, but I I am so happy for you that you won’t be dealing with this nasty AVM! Please keep in touch with us and let us know what you’re neuro finds. Feel free to talk to us while you’re looking for that diagnosis, Ryanella…