Nikki Lilly's Come on Life: Highs, Lows and How to Live Your Best Teen Life

Since being diagnosed with an AVM at the age of six, Nikki Lilly has grown up to share her story and her experiences with over one million YouTube subscribers, getting her message of positivity onto a global platform and establishing her as one of the best-loved teen voices around. As well as her YouTube videos, Nikki has her own CBBC series, Nikki Lilly Meets, in which she chats to some of the country’s top celebs and, in 2016, Nikki won Junior Bake Off. In 2019, Nikki won the BAFTA Special Award and an International Emmy Kids Award for her programme My Life: Born to Vlog.

In Nikki’s first book, she offers all teen readers an inspiring and contemporary outlook on how to live their best life.

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IT ARRIVED A WEEK EARLY! :sweat_smile:


I know @Nikki1 s story is especially relevant to you because you’ve both got facial AVMs, or at least AVMs that are quite apparent in your face and you’re both young people.

Everyone here knows what is like to go through teenage years with something unusual – whether it is big ears (me) wearing glasses, leg braces, tooth braces, dragging a foot because of cerebral palsy, or whatever – we all get the Mickey taken out of us by bullies. (My belief is that in reality there are very few people who go through school not being bullied.) However, having any kind of facial disfigurement hits your confidence as a teenager like nothing else, I expect.

So I’m sure that as two facial AVM folk, you have plenty in common.

If, when you read the book, there are some key points that are worth sharing with other (teenage?) members here, give us some clues as to what those are, without giving away the whole story. I’m sure Nikki’s book could be useful to lots of people.

Best wishes,