Night Sweats after Gamma Knife

Hello everyone, I have a question. Has anyone else experienced this symptom of night sweats after their GammaKnife surgery? I am 2 years post surgery and I am still experiencing severe night sweats almost every night. I wake up soaking wet and shivering. Just curious.

Is it the only thing that you are experiencing after GK? Did you know the side effects before the treatment? I am very scared because of the upcomming GK and I do not want to take the risk of getting any worse than I am now. I’m thinking to not undertake the GK…Pls advice! Thank you!

@Miss_M Unfortunately no, it is not the only symptom, however, i had brain swelling and tissue damage that caused many permanent issues. I was advised of the dangers, but after that, it is extremely individual how it effects you. I can only advise to ask as many questions as you need to make your decision and get a second opinion if your able. I hope this helps. Good luck with whatever decision you make. It’s not easy for anyone.

Thank You for the advice, dear! I am very sorry for your situation. Hope it will get better with time…

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