Nicole is full Frontal

Aftermuch dragging of the feet by Social Security, finally after 3 years. They showed me the Money, because, anyone with an IQ as high as mine"cannot possibly be ddisabled ! What SS didn't get was that by the grace of God, my Frontal lobe was left on line despite the crash! Just basking in some good news and wanted to share! I buy the 1st round !

congratulations! That must be such a peace of mind!

Congratualtins Nicole! That's great news....I'm so sorry it took SSDI so long to get them moving! The good news is that you will get the money they owed you from the beginning. You and kids sure could use it!

Hi Nicole,

You sure have a way with words--and can make the mods (at least me) wonder, 'oh my, what is happening now?' Glad to see they was no worry (grin).

Glad SS finally came through...............

Best wishes,
Ron, KS


:::: doing the Snoopy Dance of joy (cue the music) ::::

Super Hurrah!!!

So glad for you Nicole! SS sure does like to keep us in suspense, trying not to claim bankruptcy while they make a decision. Congrats!