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We would be going to an art exhibit in the capital. Though my mother and our family friend are not so fond of paintings and sculptures, I asked them to come with me and appreciate art like everyone else should.

I was dressing up when the right part of my forehead hurt. At first I thought it was just an ordinary headache (or that I caught my mother’s migraine). But just some seconds after, I was calling Mama. The pain is like and unlike what I felt ten years ago, so I decided to call a friend working in a physiotherapy department. She advised my mother (my hands were shaking uncontrollably and my head continued to throb that I could not hold the phone anymore) to waste no time and rush me to the hospital.

I still remember when I was put in a room with pink curtains lining up the wall. I still remember when Mama would bathe me in another room that is farther from mine. I still remember our loved ones and friends taking turns to visit us and bade well wishes.

But it had been after a month or so though that I had realized and accepted my situation. It just didn’t really occur to me that the brain condition I had ten years ago would recur and leave me more hopeless and helpless than ever. Unlike before, it is taking me time – 16 months now – to walk properly again as well as carry through the things I normally do before.

Right now, my capabilities are numbered and I had decided to make the most out of them ‘while supplies last’ (grin with me, won’t you?). The One wouldn’t put me back here for nothing and I myself do not want to waste the chance. I still cry and I still look for ways I can be better. But I learned to hush myself whenever that happens. Like now.

Hopefully, I can blog again. The movement of both of my hands are affected that typing a page could take me an hour.

Lucky, how beautifuly writen your blog is. i am just so touched. you are a fighter and you give me strength.
when i was reading the things you remember it bought tears to my eyes, I REMEMBER THOSE THINGS TOO.
we are brave, we are fighter (who cry sometimes- but that’s ok)

i cant wait for your next blog.

you are in my thoughts. xxxx

Dear Lucky Mae,
I love your outlook. Your blog post is so beautifully written, there is so much strength in it.
Keep smiling.