Next steps

My dear friends, first I am sorry for being away these days. My emotional was not good so I´ve been trying some alternative and natural stuff to control my anxiety.

As you all know Daniel will do another craniotomy. In the past weeks my husband visited the best neurosurgeons in Brazil and all of them said craniotomy is the best option for Daniel. So, we must believe them.

All of them said it will solve the problem but he will need MRI until his brain is fully grown. They also said it will not be a complicated surgery, that the avm is well located and more important that Daniel has 99,99% chance to come out surgey with no problems at all. It is estimated to be a 6-hour surgery.

We will travel on Saturday 28th. It will be a 10-hour drive. Family and friends are being great. We didn´t need to sell our appartment too. :slight_smile:

Can´t wait to write to you after surgery and tell Daniel is doing great.

My love and prayers to you all.


Tell Capt Jack he and you all are in my thoughts and prayers, I am so pleased you get to keep your home Erica and stability will help young Daniel in his recovery as well

Hi, Erica! Your family remains in my prayers. I am sure that Daniel will be fine. You hang in there, my friend!

My dear friends, cannot tell how happy I am to have you all. Thank you!! I will be strong for my wee pirate (as Amanda calls him). Prayers do help! The energy flows miles away and stop here in our hearts. I am feeling stronger. As soon as I have a date I will post here.

I am impressed with Liam portuguese words. :)) It is such a difficult language. Thank you!

My husband relatives will be there offering support. I think that can make things easier. His family is big and very united indeed. Thanks God!

Love you all! Please take good care of yourselves. xxxooooxxxooo