Next step...........Angiogram:)

So I met with Dr. Albequerque on friday. He said it looks like my AVM is smaller in size and that the next thing they would like to do is an Anigogram. So… more waiting!! They said they would call me next week to schedule an appt. for the Angiogram for the following week or two. I feel not so anxious now that I know a little more about this thing. He did say it shouldn’t effect my visual because of where it is located which is weird to me because I have a TON of visual symptoms.

Angiograms are always fun, aren’t they? But smaller in size is a good thing! I wish you the best.

angiograms are not fun… no siree… i remember having visual and hearing problems, i don remember if its before or after my angiogram. or both. i remember i can see colors and stars appearing from time to time… it gets better. not about being more colorful haha…

Hi Rylanella, I have to get an angiogram and an embolization on 4-16-09. I had an angiogram already, it was bad. I couldn’t walk right after the bleed so lying still wasn’t a problem. I assume that being still will be the hardest part this time. I hear that a I will probably get a headache because of the embolization. Everybody’s different, I’ll be praying for you. Try and relax, relaxing is good for you.