Next step---angiogram

We saw the neurosurgeon today. He said it’s either AVM or DAVF (Dural Artero Ventral Fistula). There is a blood vessel behind his right eye that doesn’t look right. The next step is the angiogram, which they are supposed to call us next week to schedule. For anyone who’s had one of these, could you share you experience?

Hi Robin B. We call an angiogram here the Gold Standard of AVM testing. It really does show more than an MRI or CAT scan. I had 3 of them done. I did a search on here for you...

The test has not changed much in 20 years.

I just had one done last week. It was a 1000 times better than I thought it was going to be. Just a little uncomfortable and wierd feeling when they inject the dye. The worst part was laying flat for 4 hours afterwards and even that wasn’t too bad… Tell him not to sleep the night b4 so he is tired and can just sleep for those 4 hours!! LOL

Hi Robin, I've also had three angiograms. Perhaps I'm different than other people, but I was never scared while having one. The great guys that performed them, made me laugh and explained everything they were doing. They give you a med and I feel asleep for part of it. They actually showed me a picture of my AVM on a computer screen...It's very difficult to understand what you are looking at. Next thing you know, they take you to room where you have to wait for 4 hours and I went back to sleep for almost the entire 4 hours. So, I never thought having an angiogram was bad at all.

Keep the Faith...

Hello Robin,I’ve had two Angiograms.Didn’t like it either time.I’m sure they’ve gottin better with those things.My doctors order MRA’s now.I guess if I ever decide to have surgery they might do another angiogram on me,but I hope not.I thought I got hit by lighting.It doesn’t last long.My daughter did better with her’s.So it might be diffrent for everybody.Good Luck.

Thank you everyone for sharing your angio experiences. We know now that hubby's is schedule for next Friday (10th)...don't know what time or anything, but at least we know the date!!!