Newspaper Article on Lindsey's Brainbows!

The local newspaper came to Lindsey’s school to interview her about her “Brainbow” project. I wanted to share the article with you all! She has raised close to $500 for TAAF in two weeks. It has been very exciting! We are getting ready to make our first donation. You can find us on facebook. Search for Brainbows, and “like” us! Thanks!

AMAZING! Just AMAZING! Such a brave young lady! She looks so proud of herself in the picture. As she should be! Way to go girl! I don’t have very much hair as I kept it short after surgery, but with the headband I can rock the bows! Keep up the awesome Lindsey it looks good on you.

I hope you framed this, I would have. :slight_smile: Have you thought about writing Ellen yet? I’ll bet she would have you on her show. Hmmm