well i got a letter from U of M regarding the conference…

we refuse treatment on 21 yr old female due to its location and high morbidity and morality related to treatment.
If patient were to hemorrhage from lesion we may CONSIDER possibly treating the lesion. ( so if it does bleed out its a possibility no one will help me)

He said that all the neurosurgeons there agreed no one in the states should touch me and that they were shocked im still alive.

He later went on to tell me i have one last hope of a doctor in Paris, I guess he is world known for AVMS and dealing with risky avms. So I have a hope but no way of financially getting to Paris so all in all im SCREWED

oh katie,
i am so sorry…no words i can say will make you feel any better…but i am thinking of you and understand how you feel right now i heard those words many times…over and over again before i found a surgeon…dont give up the fight yet

Don’t you dare give up. You will be amazed at how communities can come together to help. Get your friends, family & media involved. Networking is the key. Get an account set up and get the word out where funds can be sent. Think of any organization and fundraising events that can help. Cry, scream, get angry, then pick yourself up and get busy with your mission. You can always send your paperwork and images to the Dr. in Paris to get an opinion. Have you given up on Dr. Spetzler or was he part of the conference?

Katie, i am so terribly sorry to hear the news. Please don’t give up, stay as strong as you can and fight this. i know its overwhelming and not something anyone should have to endure alone. I hope you can find support in friends and family as well as people that have gone through similar circumstances. please see if your info can be sent to this doctor in Paris or if there is another doctor in North America at least that deals high risk AVM’s and see as Janice suggested about fundraisers and donations. My thoughts are with you.

we got to fight!!!

Katie, i’m so sorry that you got this bad news! I’ve been basically told the same thing by one doctor, but I am still looking for someone who can help before something potentially fatal happens. I’m curious about something Janice mentioned…have you talked to Dr. Spetzler in Arizona?

he has my films he got them at the beginning of the month… still haven’t heard anything