News from todays appointment

Jusr got back rom my appointment. Got some news I wasn´t really expecting. First - the Neuroradiologist told me he cannot do anything for me - it´s not a good case for embolisation. BUT- he was having a call minutes before from the chief of the neurosurgeons Professor Dr.Unterberg which told him - after he had looked on my oics once again - that he will be able to do the surgery and get it whole out. I directly met him and he told me the same - he even told me it is a bit smaller - one said 3,3 the other 3,8 cm. I asked him what he would do when he would be in my place. He said it´s not an easy or short surgery and coz they can´t do the embolisation first it will bleed a bit more - but he would choose the surgery. He said he believes and trusts in his abilities to do that. So - I was really surprised and I really wasn´t expecting that. Now i have to think about that. But somehow I have the feeling now that everything´s going to be alright and I see the light on the end of the dark.

Best wishes to you Manux, I hope everyting turns out to be just fine at the end of it. Good Luck.

Anytime a doctor makes you feel better about your situation is good news in my book. Keep the positive thoughts flowing. Good luck.

I had a similar situation happen to me recently. I was told by several doctors that surgery would be too risky and the main doc i see said he couldn’t do the surgery. Then next thing I know same day i spoke with neurosurgeon in AZ I get a call from the neurosurgeon here who said the surgery would be too risky saying he would be able to do the surgery after all. I just think its amazing how so many docs can disappoint you and then another one comes along and can actually put your mind at ease which is the best as Julia says. hope things work out for you as well.