Newbie :)

Hello to all! I have to say that I have been on the AVM site just reading, learning all I can about this beast that attacked my husband on July 22. after a couple weeks I finally joined. I ordered the bracelets and now have the courage to post. My husband (Zac) has had one embolization when initally admited into ICU. The next one is on the 26th of this month to put in coils to slow the blood flow to one of the arteries. Then a month apart after that until they can safely remove it.

My question today is, after reading so many posts here, is every embolization recovery different? He came through the first one great and walked out of ICU the next day to come home.

I am thankful I have found this site and such great people to welcome me and my husband.

I am sure I will have many many more questions as we head down this new journey in life

Thank you for your help!

Welcome to the site we are all one big happy family, we are here when u need us and ask anything or say anything u want. Keep the faith, Keep praying because when it’s all said and done HE’S THE ONLY ONE IN CONTROL, of everything that’s going on with us right now and everyday after this. Much Love

Thanks Sheree!

Karen, welcome to the group. It’s wonderful that you found us so quickly. I took me nearly a year to find this website. I’m glad you’ve found information here. I wish your husband the very best. Let us know how everything is going with him and ask any questions you may have.

Stay strong, Karen!

Welcome to the group Karen and I wish you and your husband the best. Stay strong and positive I believe so much it helps with not only dealing with an AVM but the recoveries.

Welcome Karen, its great that you find us so soon. Like Trish, it took me a year to find this site as I couldn’t use the computer/talk/type for quite a long time. My best wishes and prayers go to you and your husband and I’m so happy that he went so well last time; I’m positive he will be as good this time as well. Take care and let us know how things go, Lesley.