New Years Resolution

Does anyone have a New Years Resolution? Mine is that I'm going do whatever I can to make my life better. I deserve to be happy!

Hi Louisa,

That's a good resolution to make. I like it... :)

I don't make resolutions any more. All of the ones I made in the past, I didn't keep them anyway. Typical -- Huh? LOL


Great one, dear Ninibeth! Hugs and Hugs and more!

Hi Louisa - One of my resolutions is to do my best, both physically and emotionally. That and to recognize miracles - no matter how small; and to be more aware of stuff, including my desires.

I've got a few goals for the year...still not really sure the difference between the two...I heard that the difference between dreams and goals is having a maybe I'll just go with that thinking =)

...and I guess this now that I read it, and it resonates with me.

hmmm,i think im going to try not to be too stressed at work, despite my aphasia and just let things go.....well as best as i can!

Hi Louisa,

I've made plenty of resolutions, but the main one that I will work on this year is to "stop dreaming of the things that I want to do/accomplish and go out there and make it happen."

And you do deserve to be happy. Happy New Year to you and all the best to you, my friend.