New to this site

Hi my name is Zoe, I’m 26, and from Australia. Last year I had a bleed on the brain while I was pregnant 21 weeks, I was rushed to hospital but I don’t remember much for about 3weeks. The doctors thought it best that they should take my baby out due to everything happening he wouldn’t survive. But after a discussion with more then 20doctors in a room they decided that it would be to much stress on my body to have 2 surgeries done and to leave him in and see what happened. He survived! He was born 11/12/12, I was booked in for a cesearean on the 12/12/12 but he couldn’t wait and chose his own birthday :slight_smile: even though I’m still getting better his helping with my rehab lol. Please feel free to talk to me, this site is just wonderful, it’s great to read other people’s stories. But with this no story is the same, were all very different!

Hi Zoe and welcome!!! This is certainly the right place to come for ongoing support thru your healing. And a BIG CONGRATS on your baby boy who is truly your "Miracle" baby - Both YOU and He are so very Blessed!!!!!


Yea he really is our little miracle boy that’s for sure! I think this site is great, to get in contact with others that have had AVM’s too. Good to hear from u, thank u for ur reply :slight_smile:

Hi Zoe and welcome to the group. I have a 13 year old daughter named Zoe. Congratulations on your new baby and I wish you much success as you continue to recover. Let us know if you have any quesitions.