New to this AVM in my head

I’m going to be getting rid of this poxy AVM in my head soon, maybe before christmas.
I’ve been told that it’s going to be 7 weeks of recovery, can anyone tell me how long before I can walk around the house, go for a walk around the back yard?

I just had my 3cm Avm removed on October 8th. I was released on october 12th but rushed back on that friday for swelling of the brain. Four more days in the hospital and 5 different meds and im home on the couch. I was up and walking the same day of the surgery. I went too the doctors today for my first check up since i was released and i still cant go back to work or drive for another month. On top of gaining 20 pounds in a month due to the steroids they have me on. Best of luck with the removal of your Avm. …Allen

Cheers for that, just listing my car forsale on auction, one thing that doesn’t grow on trees, and doesn’t stop being needed, even with an AVM in your head.

Mate, just read your blog, you had a angio before you left to go home ?

Hi Alan,

I had my crainotomy on Oct 8th, 2009 and was released Oct 14th. My AVM was on the surface of the brain in the left occipital lobe. I was walking about 2 days after the surgury but was extremely weak and not able to go far. I tried to do a little bit each day without pushing myself just to get my muscles used to working again. I have just now returned from a 5km walk and I feel fine. The most difficult part is that I’m still struggling with a blind spot to the right side in my peripheral vision, constantly having to scan the environment to make sure I’m not running into anything is far more tiring than the physical activity itself.

My best advice is to just stay positive and listen to your doctor with respect to your rehab plan. Try to do something every day but be sure to stay within your limits. Be patient and recognize that your body has endured a major trauma and it may take mamy months to start feeling normal (physically) again. Like Jenny, my doctor told me I had to go at least 6 weeks without doing anything that would increase my blood pressure.

Best of luck with your surgery and recovery. If there’s anything else I can help with, or you just want to chat, don’t hesitate to send me a note.



Great stuff, just been told operation is 18th, but have to go in 17th for what ever reason

My daughter, Nea, had a crainiotomy in March 2009. She is now back at university. But she reports that she is still not 100%… she’s maybe 85%. Meaning she still struggles with focusing during exams, and with general life issues. (Of course, as her mom, I have to admit that Nea at 85% is still DARN good :slight_smile: )

I hope your recovery goes well. After 7 weeks Nea was certainly able to move around our home without help, but honestly she was not ready to be independent. After 12 weeks, though, she was able to take public transportation to our city university and take a course (which she aced ).

So, my point is that recovery estimates are just that… estimates… but that time will pass and over time you will see many improvements.

I wish you only the best.

I had my bled on Nov 30,2006 had the embolization a few days later. Then about two weeks later I had my craniotomy on Dec 12 and was discharge from hospital on Dec 15. I was back at work on Feb 20,2007.

I had two haemorrhages remained unconscious before I had craniotomy, so I took a few weeks before I was up and about. Don’t panic if recovery’s not quite as quick as you might want - healing can take time. All the best for the surgery. Also, good to see another Kiwi join up on here!
Praying for you - God’s a great healer!