New To The Site!

Where do I begin, my name is Crystal Boyd and on June 29,2010 I was told that I have a AVM located in the Right Frontal Lobe of my brain and that the symptoms I have been having is a result of it, at first I thought ok want the hell is that. Then the doctor explained to me and my husband want it is and how I got it. Apparently, I was born with and I have had for 32 yrs now. When I asked him is that good or bad, he told us that it was bad and might result in death. Wow, death that was the furtherest from my mind especially since I am only 32. I do think about death, but not for me, but for my husband who is a soldier in the US Army and is currently getting ready to deploy for Afghanistan in October of this year.

A little bit about how all this became about, it all started in May when I was at work. The day started out great with no problems and then I got this sharp pain in the right side of my head, then numbness in my face and right arm. I thought well maybe it is just stress since at that time I was training a new girl, so I just blew it off as nothing. Then the pain got worse and the numbness was getting worse at the same time. So I decided that it would be best to go to the emergency room and get checked out. I called my husband and we went to the ER, at first they thought that I was having a mild stroke so they admitted me and watched me over night. I went through a lot of testing the following weeks from blood work to MRA’s. I saw my PCP, a Neurologist, and a Neurosurgeon. It was the Neurosurgeon who knew want to look for and told me want I was dealing with. He has referred me to a specialist in Shreveport, La who specializes in this form of AVM. So as of right now we are just waiting to see him and listen to all the options that we have for treatment.

Welcome to the site Crystal. I’m sorry to hear about your situation. These AVM’s just seem to sneak up on us. But I am very glad that you found this site. It’s been such a help to me since I was diagnosed and I’ve met some wonderful people on here. Post your questions and remember (because I’m often told this when I post questions of my own) That we aren’t docs but we are here to help as much as we can and share our personal experiences. God bless.

WELCOME to the site, we are both new to this AVM stuff, but there are a great group of folks on site that have been dealing with theirs for a few yrs. Ask anything u like I am sure someone may have the answer. Keep us informed with your health and I will pray that everything works out for the good for U. PEACE AND BLESSING

Where do we begin? Who would of thought all of us from different lives would end up on this website sharing similar experiences? I learned of my AVM on 4/28…I’ve lived with mine for 52 years. Since my AVM has been a part of my life for so long, I decided to name her Betty. And it is time Betty and I separate…I’ve got more years to live, and so do you! Keep a positive outlook…we are here for you when you need to share.

Crystal, we’re here for you. Feel free to ask us anything at all as you deal with your AVM.